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The process of AKKA: a relevance beyond Architecture


Going beyond the usual architectural scope, our impact is not limited to creating physical spaces. Driven by our vision of Architecting Interaction, we are centred around people and dedicated to creating contexts that foster interactions. In addition to the physical contexts we design in our architectural projects, we also engage people in workshops, lectures and speeches, thus creating contexts for conversations and interactions. Over the years, our vision and process have proven relevant to individuals, teams and organisations beyond architecture. By sharing our ideas and ideals, a community of likeminded people has emerged and constantly grows. We engage people on a scale of interventions, a scale going from individuals to teams to organisations. For each, we

have developed a tailored form of accompaniment; we serve individuals through coaching, teams through workshops and organisations through programs. To make our vision reality, we at AKKA have developed our own architectural process. Over the years we have refined this process and extrapolated it from the specificities of Architecture to a higher level of maturity, that we then translate to apply to any field of work, in the forms of coaching, workshops and programs. For more on all of our community programs’ news please refer to the dedicated Coaching, Workshops and Action Labs sections on the right hand side of our news page.

For individuals: a process of coaching


Over the last few years, we have developed and refined our Coaching Process with our clients and projects. This proven Coaching Process is based on our architectural principles and is applied to each individual, their career, ideas, project and company. This is a new form of coaching for today’s Change Makers. Through this process of coaching, we accompany individuals to first formulate their vision, then establish their strategy and then take actions towards making it happen. This enabling process is always tailored to each individual and aims to

maximise their performance, development and fulfilment. It is a non directive method to enable each individual to into their own capabilities and in the process, find ways to be more effective, resolve issues, learn and grow. The context of the individual is of course taken into consideration in their coaching journey. Book your Coaching program as an individual or enquire about it here.

For teams: a series of workshops


When people wish to engage in this process as a team, the scope changes. In this case, the team is guided through workshops. Whether they are conducted as independent events or as a series, workshops are interventions with a clear common goal to be achieved, as a team. The principles of AKKA’s vision and process are translated to help the team clarify their own shared vision in their specific field of work. After a shared vision is identified, the focus is on establishing the strategy and the process to make that vision reality. The outcome of such workshops is focused on empowering the team with concrete tangible tools to achieve their vision.

Workshops are also available in a ‘train the the trainer’ format, where we go through a process of helping people become the facilitators of their own team’s processes. Teams are of course often part of organisations, and the impact a team can have on their organisation is great. The context of the team is always taken into consideration and informs the flow of the workshop dynamics. Book your Workshop program as a team or enquire about it here.

For organisations: a program of Action Labs


When an entire organisation wishes to engage in such an exploratory or strategic journey, there is a different structured process tailored to its needs and scope as a company: the Action Labs.

Action Labs are a specific format of workshops designed to support an entire organisation in a process of learning. Action Labs are designed in a series of three or

more workshops. Starting with meaningful conversations, Action Labs are focused on taking action. They create a culture of learning, while creating a cycle of consultation, action and reflection. These learning cycles will help the organisation create their own local learning culture.

Book  your Action Labs program as an organisation or enquire about it here.


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Need to be accompanied along a process of collaboration, creativity, learning and innovation? The AKKA process is now available to offer you at once the visionary principles and operational tools to make your vision reality.  Whether you are starting a new job, a new project or a new venture, whether you are an individual, a team or an organisation – a start up, a corporate company, a government body -, AKKA’s  Community programs will enable you to 1/ identify your vision and clarify your next
steps, 2/ refine your idea and implement it, 3/ maximize your performance,             development and fulfillment. Book your Coaching program as an individual, your Workshop program as a team or your Action Labs program as an organisation or get in touch with us first for an informative consultation. You can also reach us at +31 (0)20 4274283. 
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